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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you were watching cbs five eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. and >> if you have not joined in yet there is still 100 million why he better jump in on that make a
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million strong. >> check out this line in the east bay just within the last few hours. the jackpot jump from $540 million to a new record of $640 million. this lucky store has seen lines like this since 8:00 a.m.. >> it is crazy out there. we're here with a wish list for mega millions fans and i bet that it is a long one. >> and know that it is a record- breaking number for that lottery but i do not know about this line. you guys have to see it to believe it. this is not even 20 percent of the line. it wraps around the entire building is coming back to the very front. everyone in here has been in line for maybe a couple of hours and of course everyone has a story. >> the jackpot, the biggest in the game's history. the hope of winning is bigger than that. >> i would be running around my table jumping up and down.
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>> tickets constantly streaming. and lottery hopefuls constantly dreaming. >> if i won i would build a house and trees in california. that is probably it, throwing millions to charity. and the rest is all family and friends. >> i would retire to hawaii and a compound over there and have a great time. >> i would change my phone number ... and move away. >> store opened its doors an hour earlier and neighbors were ready. >> we were in line for three hours and we could not get in last night because it was so long. this morning i got up and said to myself i would be here by 8:00 because they said that it would open at 9:00 but they opened at 8:00. >> all it takes is $1 and a big dream a special one half a billion dollars is at stake. especially here at this liquor store where they have sold four winning tickets worth more than
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$1 million. >> i heard that they win all the time, they have good luck. >> from the east bay to mountain view and down to southern california, make a millions mania has lottery hopeful one up around the block in different parts of the country. 42 states take part in a gamble and for one person it will be a gamble of a lifetime. >> we spoke to a number of people about why they were here and what it wanted to take part in this lottery and there really did say it was quite an investment, financial security. one woman actually called in sick so that she could stand in this line. i will not tell anyone who she is, i will conceal her identity for the sake of this newscast but really, she's just going to great lengths there. hopefully she will get a piece of that lottery. back to you guys. >> calling in sick for lottery ticket? >> are they there in droves because that store has had such great luck or is this the case
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all over the place? >> we have been to a couple of different stores and we have seen that there were lines outside of a safeway. a couple gas stations. but a lot people seem to know that this store has hit big at least four times. so i think it is going to be big like this matter where you go. >> good luck to everyone there. thank you. >> it is no secret the odds against winning the mega millions jackpot are astronomical, one in 176 million to one for any tickets to match all five numbers. you do not need to be an economics expert to figure out that it really is not the wisest by eds. >> americans spend about $60 billion on the lottery every year. that is about more than $500 per american household goes to plan the lottery. at the return on that as an investment is horrible. >> if that $500 is invested in an index fund each year for 20 years it could end up ballooning
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to $24,000. not quite as exciting as the now $600 million jackpot but the odds are much better. more coverage on the mega millions me on in other news, two weeks later and still no solid leads in the search for a missing 15 year-old girl in morgan hill. >> sierra lamar was last seen leaving her mother's home to head for school. here is an on a recent discovery that is not sitting well with today's search crews. >> it is too close to home. >> my daughter is a friend of hers. >> some of the many motivations of hundreds volunteering to help find a missing morgan hill 15 year-old sierra lamar. >> for a small community, you can really see that this case has really affected everyone. >> like this woman that drove more than an hour to help. >> , have been watching it on the news every morning. and i just felt i needed to be here. >> she has been missing for two
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weeks, last seen at her mother's home before leaving for school on march 16th. her cellphone and perce were found separately within 2 mi. of her home and yesterday volunteers made another discovery, a box labeled " stainless steel handcuffs " and to use condoms nearby. all of the palm ave about a mile from her house. >> my heart hit the floor. i do not even want to imagine what that poor girl is going through. >> the items are now in a laboratory for testing and there's no telling if they're related to her disappearance. >> i do not know that this discovery is relevant to what we're doing. we are trying to find sierra. and she is still missing. >> there are discovers every single day on the searches, every team has found things. we have kept law enforcement busy running around. >> today they were back in the same area of the foothills looking for any more signs of sierra. to organize search is only plan through this weekend and after that it could be scaled back to weekends only until she is
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found. >> we're hoping to find something so that we can get closure but at the same time it is scary. >> if you want to help in the search you can meet at burnett elementary on saturday or sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m.. >> at this noon hour, a bay area rev. calling on clergy to wear a hoodie in light of the trayvon martin shooting. right now group is forming at san fransisco city hall steps to show a person's appearance does not dictate one's character. meanwhile the family of a florida man that shot martin is speaking out as a neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman thought that martin looked suspicious and followed him but his mother says that martin confronted him and punched him in the face and then knocked him onto the ground. >> we are confident that the medical records are going to explain all of george's medical history both how he was treated at the scene and how he was not. to me his nose looks one in that video. >> democratic lawmakers in california were hoodies in
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sacramento to show their support for the martin family. >> a recall election officially under way against wisconsin's governor. more than 900,000 signatures were collected on petitions to force a vote on first term gov. scott walker. the move had been expected for weeks. walker was targeted for recall after he pushed through a law last year that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most state workers. >> returning to camp in 2012 coverage, a big endorsement for the presidential campaign of mitt romney. the head of the house budget committee announced his support for mitt romney this morning, wisconsin congressman says the primary fight has been constructive until now. his state holds its primary tuesday. mitt romney leaves the gop pack with 554 delegates. >> first lady michelle obama will fly to the bay area this afternoon, her first up is san fransisco for a campaign fund- raiser and then she heads to the coast guard island in alameda where she will take part in the commissioning ceremony for the
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coast guard cutter. >> " maybe a huge security breach for one of the biggest credit card companies here in the united states. >> you may know the jingle but not everyone gets the same deal. why some bay area customers need to pay more for the $5 foot long. >> first on sale, some spaces for your ads, human billboards. >> a lot of clouds in the skies, a few showers to the north but,, hong
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>> a mixed bag on wall street after a new report shows consumer spending grew last month. take a look, this is a live look
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at the big board in new york and you can see the dow is up about 61 points, consumer spending jumped eight tenths of a percent, the biggest gain in seven months but the savings rate plunged to its lowest point in more than two years. mastercard investigating a potential security breach that could affect 10 million cardholders. the company has alerted bank and laugh law-enforcement officials that says the bridge is related to a third-party vendor. they advise card holders have concerns to contact the bank that issued their cards. >> para college students in england stumbled on an outrageous way to make a dollar. >> they made more than $60,000 by selling advertising space on their faces. take a look, the key to the human billboard business is keeping it all clean shaven. their website " by my face " .com, and they're charging up to $400 per day for advertising space. they spent 200 u.s. dollars on 62.
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>> $60,000? >> we could put cbs five on our faces. >> . extra cash for those $5 a foot long next, why customers in 1 bay area city say they pay more for that sandwich. >> how fire crews survive this dangerous occupation hazard. >> march is almost over and the storms continue to roll in, thi
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>> take a look at some amazing video from michigan. three firefighters battling a fire on top of the roof when it gave way. they were scrambling off of that collapsing section, grabbing onto one another. no one was hurt in the fire but it was quite a scare. the cause is under investigation. a new call for peace this noon hour in oakland and this time is coming from someone with some big time in recognition. anthony chavez, the grandson of cesar chavez joined a group called alternatives to action, dozens of people marched from the life academy, the message is to stop violence in oakland. >> i was deeply moved by all the violence in oakland. i wanted to help create a change and build peace. >> the group is also using facebook to spread the word of peace.
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>> a fast-food chain known for offering a $5 foot long they need to change their popular gindall. here is why subway says the cost of doing business in san fransisco has then sandwiched between a rock and their sales slogan. >> subway restaurants are popular and their signature product is the $5 foot long sandwich. >> they market it a lot. except in san fransisco, you will pay more than $5 for the $5 sandwich. >> i think i know what they're supposed to cost by will metra was charged right. >> they cost $5.50 an off-camera the manager explained that doing business in san fransisco simply cost more. more taxes, higher cost of living wages and expensive supplies. and he agrees. >> san fransisco is quite an expensive city to live in. >> for those of you that may have been wondering, yes it is. subway world headquarters, yes
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there is such a place in connecticut, they say they do not set the prices. they just recommend and to the franchise owners. and the promotion is for participating locations only. >> it is a catchy advertisement with a wine girls jumping all over the place. so we called honolulu. and it turns out that san fransisco is not the only city with no $5 a foot long. in hawaii the $5 a foot long will cost you $6. they claim it has something to do with transportation costs. in san fransisco, cbs five. >> we have a new subway across the street and have the crew is there every day. >> paying a little bit more. >> what ever you call it, i am starting. that looks very good. you have plans for the weekend? we have a storm bearing down on the area was clouds racing across the skies and more to come from the afternoon. a few light showers north of the
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golden gate bridge but was of a chance, to the north increasing clouds overnight, the wind will be picking up and it will be very gusty tomorrow morning and it looks very wet as we head into saturday as well. here is the storm system, most of that energy come up off of the coastline but just off the coast you can begin to see an area of low pressure developing. that will be just enough to push it in this direction and bring the rain on short tomorrow. a lot of clouds over the day, temperatures are mild and we're seeing some sun between the clouds. 65 degrees in concord and 65 in livermore. 50 and cloudy in san fransisco and 66 degrees in san jose. still we are going to see warm weather in the southern half of the state as you will see 75 degrees in fresno and 70 in sacramento. 58 in lake tahoe, no snow yet but that will come and and more rain in the northern part of the state. it looks like another storm for the weekend. this is the third weekend in a row with the storm system rolling on shore. it does not look like it will be
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a washout but it will packed quite a punch as it moves onshore. as we head drop the afternoon a few more clouds on the way. the chance of scattered light showers to the north but the brunt of the cold front will not move on shore until tomorrow morning. 8:00 or 9:00 when this comes onshore and it will pack the punch with strong gusty wind, maybe 2 in. of rainfall, and then by the afternoon it turns into showers. a stormy day early on tomorrow and we dry things out. today not that. hazey sunshine at 71 degrees in san jose. and 63 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of days we have that stormy weather returning to the bay area. we should try things out on sunday and monday and tuesday look dry with a chance of showers on wednesday. here is your snow report. bring your chains, which is for march going into effect tomorrow. lots of rain and snow and eventually this will drop down to lake level. sugar bowl expecting snow and rain saturday. heavenly looking at more snow on the way. that is a look at the weekend
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forecast. have a great weekend. >> by tomorrow the fda is expected to announce whether they will ban the chemical bpa in food packaging. pressure has been building along with a pile of research pointing to possible health risks. many companies have already pulled the potential harmful chemicals from the bottles and cans, many foods are sold in. there has been a dramatic spike in the number of children diagnosed with autism. a new study suggests that the disorder now affects one out of 88 kids. what is going on? we explain in today's health watch. >> samantha is learning to read. the 7 year-old has autism. >> she did not have words. she could not follow directions. she had no eye contact. >> new figures now estimate one out of 88 children in the united states has an autism spectrum disorder. autism disorders are now almost five times more common in boys
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than girls. affecting one out of 54 boys compared to one in 252 girls. experts say a number of factors may be contributing to the increase. >> greater awareness, inclusion of more mild cases, and of course there's always the possibility that there is a to rise in incidents and if there is that something that needs to be investigated. >> high class research must continue to understand risk factors and causal factors. >> she is director of the autism research program at kaiser permanente @. one study looks at bio markers in pregnant women and newborns. >> genetic factors and environmental factors and immune factors, and hormonal factors, to see if we can identify very early markers of autism. >> the goal is to design interventions that might prevent the disorder. but until then, as foreign says, early intervention is key. >> i have my daughter speaking to me, she understands and she
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plays. she still throws tantrums and is different than the rest. >> jean kerr urges parents to act quickly to have concerns and say that being your child's biggest advocate,,,, some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will.
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>> today's tip of the day,
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escarole. look at the size of the head. it is so beautiful. a little bit of sausage in canceling the beans and chicken stock. you have suit. one of my favorites. but let's talk about the escarole when you buy it, the bigger the better. it is sold by the peace, not by the pound. let's talk about selection. you want to make sure it is nice and green all the way around. it will start getting a little bit lighter green in the middle of that is ok. maybe a little yellowing. that is ok. when you turn around, right here maybe discolored but you do not want this coloration to all the way through the back. when you bring it home it is very important to throw it into the refrigerator right away and only store it for about one or two, at the very most, three days. by at and enjoy it. loaded with the nutritional value and it is great for us and tastes fantastic but before you make the soup, before you put it in the stock, sauteed a little
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bit and give it a cold bath so what will stop cooking. put it in cold water after you saute at. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this is beautiful. >> you are looking at live pictures of mitt romney campaigning in apple 10 wisconsin. >> a big primary today in wisconsin, we will see how that goes. go to college.
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